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Author: Colombo Hurd

How to Find the Best Tampa Immigration Lawyer

Immigration laws in the United States have long been complicated and to best navigate the thorny U.S. immigration system you will want a great lawyer to guide your steps. In addition to this, in the current political climate, immigrant rights are often at the center of political attention and immigration regulations have the potential of changing rapidly. If you are considering immigrating to the United States or if you have questions about your immigration status or options, it is important now more than ever to receive solid immigration advice.  In the Tampa area, however, there is a large number...

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Immigration Detention Under Trump: Vast Majority of Detained Immigrants Have No Criminal History at All

In the past years, the general consensus in immigration policy has been to focus deportation resources and efforts on undocumented immigrants with a criminal record, gang members and national security threats. The current administration’s most recent figures, however, are showing a very different trend. According to research data from the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) at Syracuse University, as of June 30, 2018, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) held in custody 44,435 individuals, the vast majority of which had no criminal record at all. Even more surprisingly, the data shows that four out of five individuals detained by ICE...

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E2 Visa for Event Decorating and Design Business Approved for Dual Indian and Canadian National

Congratulations to our client, a dual national of India and Canada, on the recent approval of her E2 Visa at the US Consulate in Toronto, Canada. Our client previously operated an exceptionally successful event decor business in Canada and has over a decade of experience in the industry. She elected to open her business in Central Florida to serve the community with an event design, decor and rental business in Kissimmee, Florida. Our sincere and heartfelt congratulations to our client who was approved for a five year E2 visa and will be entering Florida to operate her business in...

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EB1 Visa Approved for Plastic Surgeon

Congratulations to our client, a well-recognized and respected plastic surgeon and Brazilian national on his recent EB-1 Visa approval! Our client created a special plastic surgery technique which does not require any cuts or incisions and is minimally invasive.  His innovative technique has received worldwide recognition for significantly altering the industry. As a result of his numerous contributions to the field, he has received several awards, garnered praise from the media, and has been invited to conferences to speak and educate others in his industry about the technique.  We are extremely pleased for our client with his deserved approval...

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E2 Visa Approved for National of Brazil and Italy for Video Production Company

Congratulations to our client who recently received an approval for his E2 Visa at the US Consulate in São Paulo, Brazil.  Our client invested in a full service video production company with the aim of offering its services to businesses, advertising companies, and marketing firms. He also plans to work with screenwriters and directors looking for a production company to being their ideas to life. As Florida is one of the largest hubs for creativity in the United States, his company will be based in Central...

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